September 04, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

Programming with Technology: Objective by Design, Subjectively Flexible


Last week Rob Hartman, Director of Tactical and Elite Sport at BridgeAthletic presented on Programming with Technology: Objective by Design, Subjectively Flexible at the 2020 NSCA Tactical Annual Training Conference. During his presentation, Rob speaks about the importance and the influence objective data has on program design, both as it relates to the individual and their intended outcomes. This objective approach to program design lends itself to creating “a great program, designed for that time period, based on specific needs, dose responses that fit within those parameters specific to each physical characteristics combined to support each other and reduce any interference.” However, he mentions that humans always have interference. The solution or response is leveraging subjective inputs to influence the training that day, not only following the stimulus response approach, but also considering the human response in the moment.

Rob highlights how the Performance Logs in BridgeAthletic can facilitate these subjective inputs and how to easily leverage the BridgeAthletic system to keep the process easy and efficient on the coach. He also provides his own “hacks” of our Bridge system to make this process more fluid.

Three Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify individual priorities based on key physical characteristics and their role in objective program design.
  • Highlight strategies on how to adjust programming, in the moment, to fit the individual’s readiness “today”.
  • Examine how technology accommodates flexible program design and decision making.


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