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Tactical Strength and Conditioning with Hunter Schurrer


In this episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Hunter Schurrer, the owner of the Performance Syndicate, a strength coach with US Special Operations Command, and a podcast host himself with Pots, Pints, and PRs. Tune in to Hunter and Ryan's discussion on strength and conditioning in the tactical setting and how it has evolved. 

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Hunter shares how he got into tactical strength and conditioning after working in Division 1 athletics. 

"I've been at the Special Operations Unit for over 10 years now. I was really fortunate and got on the ground level when all of that was kicking off within Special Operations. So it's been an awesome experience, to say the least."


2. Hunter explains how his approach to training has evolved throughout his time in the tactical setting.

"The programming is just how to program on a hectic schedule. It has been the biggest thing that I've evolved with, without question, because it went from having a set schedule to an unknown schedule."


3. Hunter and Ryan discuss the ruck they are both doing in conjunction with the FitOps Foundations around Movement for Mental Health.

 "June is national mental health awareness month. The 26th is national PTSD awareness day and thus, the reason for it in regards to just drawing attention to mental health and veterans suicide and everything else that is that."

Connect with Hunter Schurrer


Twitter: @theperformsynd

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Thanks to Hunter Schurrer for joining us! 

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