November 04, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

The Connection Between Feet and Performance with Dr. Matthew Zanis


In this week's episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Dr.Matthew Zanis, movement expert and owner of Rooted in MVMNT. Tune in to learn about how the foot can impact performance and how Dr. Zanis is able to look at feet in connection with other parts of the body. 

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Dr. Zanis explains what the foot can tell us about performance and the foot can be used to understand different areas athletes are having issues. For example, when working with baseball players Matthew often didn't want to touch their arms so when a player was experiencing a shoulder issue he would look at their opposite foot.

"We can make some really, really impactful changes just by looking a little bit downstream and impacting how that force is then being transmitted to the upper body." 


2. Dr. Zanis shares how shoes have ruined athletes and can be a reason for so many lower body injuries. 

"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It just going to be moved. And when we have a foot that's absolutely immobilized, we have 33 joints in the foot that are meant to be mobile, that energy has got to go somewhere."


3. DIY. Dr. Zanis provides some tips for how listeners on how they can self-assess their own feet and some suggestions to self correct. 

"Start to go barefoot. Start to expose your feet to as many different textures and surfaces as possible, and see what starts to happen over time. Keep track of it. You're in charge of your own body."


Connect with Dr. Matthew Zanis

Instagram: @rootedinmvmnt

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Thanks to Dr. Matthew Zanis for joining us! 

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