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Visualizing Data: Athlete Management Systems

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Nov 2, 2018 10:01:24 AM

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Athlete Management Systems (AMS)


What's An AMS?
AMS are software technologies allowing coaches and sports scientists to evaluate player readiness and aptitude to perform. These products often offer integrations with hardware and software technologies to help organizations better interpret performance indicators. Performance indicators can relate to anything from average load, volume and intensity per day to wellness results collected from tools like wearables.
Think: Heart Rate, Calories, Steps, Hydration, Nutrition, Recovery, etc. These tools will build robust graphs that display athlete progress overtime. While they do require you to manually input the data you collect from training, most offer integrations with athlete management softwares, allowing you to instantly collect and evaluate progress from their dashboards.

Popular Brands used by Elite Organizations

The best tools will offer a variety of integrations across systems to allow you to better collect and analyze your data. For tips on how to evaluate and implement AMS tools into your own workflow and program, check out our 8 Step Guide in our Sports Technology Guide.  

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