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Building Blocks: Barbell Squat Variations Day 3

Posted by Nick Folker on Oct 9, 2015 7:01:20 PM

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Moving back to the Back Squat, the emphasis is now on power development. Using bands on either side of the bar adds resistance to both the concentric and eccentric segments of the squat eliciting different physiological responses with each segment.

Exercise 2: Band Barbell Back Squat





Just as with the Overhead Squat, stability throughout the movement is critical. The first area of focus is to resist the tension created by the bands on the descent to load your muscles and create an increased time under tension. At the bottom of the movement, there is less of a pause as with the regular Back Squat. The pause is to stabilise against the resistance of the bands before starting the counter-drive against the bands. It is important to keep your center of gravity over the mid-section of your feet to avoid the bands pulling you forward in the counter-movement.

The second area of focus is to emphasise pushing away from the floor, without raising your heels, to create optimal hip extension against the resistance of the bands. At the top of the movement, pause to stabilise and collect yourself, then repeat for presecribed reps. Do not let your momentum get ahead of your control of the bar and quality mechanics.

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