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Building Blocks: The MB Building Block Day 4

Posted by Nick Folker on Oct 20, 2015 9:55:00 PM

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We like to use the MB Throwdown to add a ballistic component to the workout. Note - pay attention to the MB on the rebound. Avoid bending at the waist and following through with your chest and face. Stay upright and emphasise the midsection contraction and your arm movement on the follow-through.

MB Throwdown

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart holding the MB at chest height with both hands. Reach up overhead with the MB extending up on to your toes as you do so. At full extension, contract your midsection to initiate the movement and start the arm swing down to throw the MB against the ground. As previously noted, remain as upright as possible instead of folding in half and taking your chest to the ground. You might sometimes find that when you contract and throw the ball down you create a slight jump at the end of the movement. This is fine, just control the MB and your landing. Work on the coordination and fluency of the movement. Be quick and powerful, but not mechanical and forceful. Catch the MB, regain control, then repeat for prescribed reps.



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