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Nicholas Goode, MS, CSCS

Nick is finishing his PhD in Sport Science and Physiology, strength coach for ETSU (East Tennessee State University) Triathlon and Softball, contract sport scientist for USA Rowing and U19 Rowing Pathways, and avid cyclist and rower. Current research interests include resistance training and endurance sports, energy metabolism and sport performance, and Athlete monitoring and prescription.

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Strength Training Beyond Maximal Strength: Enhancing Endurance and Work Capacity

By Nicholas Goode, MS, CSCS on May 28, 2024

When strength and conditioning coaches enter the weight room, the main goal is to develop the primary physical capacities that are most related to the athlete’s sport. The most common objectives of strength training are increasing maximal strength and power output. However, as a part of most periodized training programs, strength coaches often include high volume/repetition training phases with the goal of increasing muscle size, and additionally work capacity and metabolic alterations which can support greater strength adaptations down the road.

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