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The Formula for Individualized Training

By Lillian Hinrichs on August 22, 2017

With over 18 years of experience coaching youth, high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes, Juan Pablo Reggiardo, has always been involved in sports. With a background in physical therapy and strength and conditioning, Coach Reggiardo has worked mostly with volleyball and basketball programs, and has won multiple National Championships with Stanford women’s volleyball and golf. We had the opportunity to host a webinar featuring Coach Reggiardo where he discusses how he and the BridgeAthletic Performance Team create and deliver customized strength training for volleyball clubs and players. We talked with Coach Reggiardo about this and how clubs can implement individualized training for multiple teams and athletes of different ages and skill levels. Tailoring strength and conditioning programs based on a player’s age, experience level, equipment accessibility, training time, and major tournament dates will contribute to maximizing that player’s potential on the court.

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Can Social Media Provide a Competitive Advantage in Athletic Performance?

By Lillian Hinrichs on August 15, 2017

There are endless forms of technology in today’s tech-savvy world, and social media, in particular, has become the preferred method of communication for millennial athletes and plays a major role in sports of all levels. Oftentimes, people think that technology is detrimental in sports for a player’s performance when, in reality, it can be very beneficial. Social media has changed the way players communicate with the world and how they prepare for competition. Whether coaches or athletes are using technology, it is a great way to promote upcoming events, increase program awareness, and announce major team accomplishments. Players can use technology to their benefit by getting in the right pre-game mindset and use it as motivation to perform to the best of their ability.

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HMMR Podcast Recap: Leveraging Strength Training Software

By Lillian Hinrichs on July 14, 2017



Elite coach and BridgeAthletic’s co-founder, Nick Folker, joined HMMR for a podcast episode discussing how coaches can leverage strength and conditioning technology to be better at their jobs. Technology is a controversial topic in sports training and is oftentimes frowned upon by coaches in the weight room or on the field. Nick talks about these common misconceptions, benefits of incorporating technology, and the future of sports and technology in strength and conditioning programs. Here is the HMMR episode and a recap of the discussion.

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