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Recovery Between Water Polo Games to Improve Athletic Performance

By Sarah Connors on August 04, 2017

Recovery is an important process to implement for players in order to prevent injury, reduce fatigue, and enhance athletic performance. After an intense game, players should re-fuel their body and incorporate a variety of recovery methods to prepare for the next game, especially during long tournaments. Below is a list of six specific recovery tips that water polo players should do to accelerate recovery and enhance performance in the pool for back-to-back games.

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Designing Progressions in Volleyball Strength Training

By Sarah Connors on August 01, 2017

There are many different elements strength coaches must consider when designing a strength program for their volleyball players. Whether players are just beginning to build strength or are well-developed professionals, the most effective strength and conditioning programs implement progressions.

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Increase Agility, Power, and Speed Outside the Weight Room

By Sarah Connors on August 01, 2017

A large factor in achieving success in volleyball is the ability to quickly react to situations on the court and use full-body strength to win points. Whether players are training on the court or in the weight room, increasing player agility, power, and speed will enhance game day performance. Here is a list of volleyball-specific exercises that coaches can implement before or after practices when players do not have access to the weight room.

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How to Prepare for Water Polo Tournaments

By Sarah Connors on July 31, 2017

Preparing for competition both mentally and physically is essential for the big day. From late night practices to intense strength and conditioning training, water polo teams have put in the hard work to get ahead of their competition. The weeks and days leading up to tournaments are crucial and there are many preparation aspects that go into maximizing player performance come game day.

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Coach's Guide to an Athlete's Mental Game

By Sarah Connors on July 25, 2017

One of the most challenging things for players at all levels is the ability to handle pressure and criticism. A study published in The Sport Journal found that distractions and criticism drain mental energy and decrease athletic performance. When it comes to winning, the more positive the attitude, the better the athletic performance. Specifically in team sports, coaches have a significant impact on individual athletes and the team as a whole. Additionally, players who behave in a collaborative, engaging, and enthusiastic manner attract others to influence a greater level of teamwork. The best coaches learn to understand how each individual athlete effectively responds to criticism and direction.

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Caffeine and Athletic Performance

By Sarah Connors on July 21, 2017

Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant drug in the world and is one of the best-tested ergogenic aids. Approximately 73% of athletes already use caffeine before training and competition to enhance athletic performance. Usually ingested through coffees, teas, energy drinks, and soft-drinks, caffeine enhances an individual’s energy use, production, or recovery and contributes to clearer thinking and greater concentration. Athletes can also consume caffeine in supplements, like NoDoz max, and sport-specific energy gels. Understanding how much caffeine and when to consume it will allow athletes to maximize their athletic performance with caffeine.

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Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

By Sarah Connors on July 12, 2017

Kinesiology tape is used by athletes of all ages across all sports. Commonly seen on the shoulders of volleyball players and knees of runners, kinesio tape comes in a variety of bright colors and is intended to improve athlete performance. Although this tape is a popular wardrobe addition, the real question is: does the tape actually work? Injured athletes will try anything if it means they can return to the game, and this tape may or may not be the answer. 

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Why Strength and Conditioning Software Will Revolutionize Your Program

By Sarah Connors on July 07, 2017

Technology has impacted the world significantly, but not all sport coaches and athletes have taken advantage of it. BridgeAthletic’s strength and conditioning software provides digital training tools to revolutionize the way performance programs are created, delivered, and tracked. Developing an integrated, digital platform allows coaches to improve training personalization, exchange information related to performance and readiness, and track physical achievements. By combining technology with performance, coaches are better able to understand individual needs, limits, goals, and the capacity of athletes. Ultimately, leveraging strength and conditioning software revolutionizes athletic training and optimizes game day performance.

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Building a Dominant Volleyball-Specific Strength and Conditioning Program

By Sarah Connors on June 23, 2017

Success on the court comes from hard work in the weight room. A volleyball-specific strength and conditioning program can optimize a player’s performance, reduce the risk of injury, and lead to quicker recovery. Here’s a six-step guide on how to build a successful volleyball strength and conditioning program:

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